About Us

The Brand

The Christina Sakis brand was created with a unique sense of style; equally sophisticated and bohemian with an eclectic flair. A brand that would catch the attention of globetrotting fashion-lovers to stay at home moms.  From lava rocks to sea urchins it’s the subtle mix of materials, colors, textures and patterns that make Christina Sakis designs stand apart from the rest.  


The Designer

Christina Sakis is a Greek-American jewelry designer and maker since 2003. After attending Colorado State University, where she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree and was honored with various awards, Christina moved to California for a fresh adventure. While living up and down the coast of California she worked as a fine jeweler and accessories designer among many other side jobs. Her extensive travels to Europe and India, as well as all around North America, have given her the opportunity to explore and embrace numerous cultures which have in turn been the inspiration for several of her lines. Christina's unique combination of vision and talent is a celebration of aesthetics, experiments in technique and the preservation of handmade craft.